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Fluorine rubber DR and IR used together

Time:2020/11/10 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

Combination of Fluorine Rubber and IR Combination of cis 1,4-polyisoprene and fluorine rubber of different structures can be used to produce rubber seals. In this type of combined rubber, the content of fluorine rubber is up to 50 parts by mass, and polyisoprene is the continuous phase, so that the combined rubber has good cold resistance, but the oil resistance of the rubber is poor. If this type of combined rubber is vulcanized by non-traditional methods under the dynamic regulation conditions of applied shear stress, the pre-dynamic vulcanization of a group of components in the combined rubber is a new method to prepare rubber with excellent comprehensive properties. This method can also control FPM The oil and cold resistance of the /IR combined glue. FPM/IR is cross-linked with sulfur vulcanization system and copper salicylimine (copper o-hydroxybenzylimine CИM). CИM has only weak cross-linking effect on polyisoprene, while sulfur, diphenylguanidine, and accelerator DM have no cross-linking effect in fluororubber. Therefore, each group can be cross-linked in turn: the fluoroelastomer is cross-linked when the compound is prepared at 150°C under shear stress, and the polyisoprene is cross-linked under static conditions after *. In order to improve the compatibility of isoprene rubber and FPM, oligomer modifier can be used, namely sulfur-containing amino silane resin or relative molecular mass of 420, containing 25%-27% methacrylic group and 3% epoxy group Epoxy acrylic resin.


氟橡胶与IR并用 将顺式1,4-聚异戊二烯与不同结构的氟橡胶并用可用于生产橡胶密封件。在此类并用胶中,氟橡胶含量达50质量份,聚异戊二烯为连续相,使并用胶具有良好的耐寒性,但橡胶的耐油性则较差。如果在外加切应力的动态规程条件下用非传统方法硫化此类并用胶,即将并用胶中的一组份预先动态硫化是制备综合性能优良的橡胶的新方法,用此种方法也可控制FPM/IR并用胶的耐油、耐寒性。 FPM/IR用硫黄硫化体系及水杨基亚胺铜(邻羟苄基亚胺铜CИM)交联。CИM对聚异戊二烯只有很弱的交联作用,而硫黄、二苯胍、促进剂DM在氟橡胶中没有交联作用。因此可以依次对每一组进行交联:在切应力作用下于150℃制备并用胶时交联氟橡胶,而聚异戊二烯则在*后静态条件下交联。 为了改进异戊橡胶和FPM的相容性,可使用齐聚物改性剂,即含硫氨基硅烷树脂或相对分子质量为420,含25%-27%甲基丙烯酸基和3%环氧基的环氧丙烯酸树脂。

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