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Wear resistance of TF-9207 micropowder modified PTFE

Time:2020/10/27 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

Wear-resistant, additive, PTFE

At present, most of the domestic modified wear-resistant engineering plastics are added with molybdenum disulfide, but because its wear-resistant mechanism relies on its own hardness and fills the product, it can only reduce the friction coefficient, not improve the wear of the matrix material, and can only produce Produce black or gray products, and the use of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) powder can solve this problem.

The difference between micro powder and ordinary PTFE is that micro powder has a lower molar mass, only about 1/100 of that of general PTFE. At present, there are 3M manufacturers from raw materials to the final product of micronized powder. Its PTFE micronized powder mainly has two types: TF-9207 and TF-9208. The production processes are emulsion polymerization and radiation degradation. In terms of the two, it is more appropriate to add TF-9207 to wear-resistant plastics, because TF-9207 has a primary particle size of 120 m, which is uniformly dispersed in the matrix material, and a transfer film will be formed when rubbed, so it has strong self Lubricity, while also reducing the wear factor. According to the data provided by 3M laboratory, the abrasion factor of PA6 with TF-9207 fine powder decreased from 200 to 15, and the friction coefficient from 0.26 to 0.19; the abrasion factor of PA66 decreased from 200 to 12, and the friction coefficient from 0.28 0.18. TF-9208 has better dispersibility than TF-9207 and can be evenly dispersed in coatings. It is suitable for use in non-stick coatings and improves the non-stick and scratch resistance of the coating film surface.


耐磨, 添加剂, PTFE

目前国内改性耐磨工程塑料中,多为添加二硫化钼,但因其耐磨机理是依靠其自身的硬度并填充制品,只能降低摩擦系数,不能改善基体材料的磨耗,且只能生产出黑色或灰色的制品,而使用PTFE (聚四氟乙烯)微粉就能解决这样的问题。

微粉与普通PTFE不同的地方是微粉具有较低的摩尔质量,只有一般PTFE的1/100左右。目前从原材料到微粉最终产品的厂家有3M等,其PTFE微粉主要有两种型号TF-9207和TF一9208,生产工艺分别为乳液聚合和辐射降解。就两者而言,对于耐磨塑料添加TF-9207更为合适,因为TF一9207具有120 m的初级粒径,在基体材料中均匀分散,摩擦时会形成转移膜,因而具有较强的自润滑性,同时也能降低磨耗因子。据3M实验室提供的资料表明,添加TF-9207微粉的PA6的磨耗因子从200降至15,而摩擦系数从0.26降至0.19;PA66的磨耗因子从200降至12,摩擦系数由0.28降至0.18。TF-9208较TF-9207有更好的分散性,在涂料中可均匀分散,适合不黏涂料使用,提高涂膜表面的不黏性以及抗刮性能。

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