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Uses of Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE)

Time:2020/10/21 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

Polytetrafluoroethylene is currently the most used variety in fluoroplastics, accounting for about 60% of its total demand. It has excellent performance and is trusted by users. The application of other fluoroplastics in semiconductor, medical, wire coating and other fields is also expanding.

The use of fluoroplastics can be summarized as:

1. Using its chemical resistance, the application of plastics in chemical resistance has long been not limited to the manufacture of sealing rings, gaskets, and pipe fittings. The use of stars on other parts that require corrosion resistance (such as pipes) is also increasing. With the advancement of raw materials and processing technology, the molding method of fluoroplastics has expanded the range of options: such as injection molding can greatly improve production efficiency, cutting processing technology, PTFE bonding and welding technology can be used in small batch production The development of the FEP powder coating technology makes it possible to manufacture large-scale storage tanks and equipment linings, and the processing is more flexible and convenient. Anti-corrosion and anti-pollution in the semiconductor production process have increasingly adopted fluoroplastics.

2. The friction coefficient of PTFE in the mechanical industry is small, and its static friction coefficient is lower than the dynamic friction coefficient. It can be used in low-speed and high-load fields, such as structural parts such as civil engineering, chemical engineering, and bridges, which can solve the expansion and contraction problems caused by thermal expansion and vibration. Specific applications are:

(1) Bearing sleeves of anti-pollution machinery (such as textile, paper, pharmaceutical, food machinery);

(2) Machinery (such as mixers, dyeing machines, pumps) that transport non-lubricating liquids such as alkalis and solvents;

(3) Shaft sleeves working in corrosive environments such as acid and alkali (such as electroplating bath chemical equipment);

(4) No oil lubrication (such as oxygen production equipment);

(5) Oil lubrication (such as ultra-low temperature refrigerator, liquid fuel pump);

(6) Sliding parts working in an environment where the oil lubrication effect is not good (adding a high-temperature dryer, a furnace station, and a furnace conveyor belt);

(7) Sliding parts (movable support) under low speed and high load conditions.

3. Electrical field Fluoroplastics are flame-retardant materials. The critical oxygen index is high and corrosive, and it can be used as an insulation layer for wires.

ETFElPvDF has high insulation resistance, high dielectric strength, and excellent mechanical strength. qT is used for computers and communication cables. Utilizing its weather resistance, radiation resistance and other characteristics, it can be used for small cables in oil wells and nuclear reactors. Utilizing its low relative permittivity and dielectric loss at high frequency, it can be used in communication equipment and high-frequency electrical equipment. Mixing PTFE with conductive materials such as carbon black and carbon fiber can be used as antistatic materials and heating element materials. PvDF can also be made into piezoelectric components for the radio industry and instrumentation industry.

4. Non-stickiness The non-stickiness of fluoroplastics can be used to manufacture kitchen equipment (such as non-stick pans, snack molds), exterior wall coatings for high-end buildings, foam molding molds, and copier rollers. In addition, the applications of medical soil engineering materials such as artificial blood vessels, heart valves, gas separation membranes, and waterproof and breathable composite fabrics are becoming more and more extensive.













3.电气领域 氟塑料是难燃材料.临界氧指数高又而腐蚀,可作电线的绝缘层。



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