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Antistatic color paste for PTFE has better color

Time:2020/9/3 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

In the PTFE coating process, the PTFE layer is required to have the ability to resist static electricity, while maintaining the smoothness, color equality, and operability of the surface. General users of this type of color paste do not have the capability of independent research and development, and basically buy directly from technology companies with strong technical force, mainly because they are expensive but fail to achieve the expected results. This color paste is a water-based color paste. It mainly uses carbon black as the main body of antistatic. Superfine carbon black particles (under 0.05um) are uniformly dispersed in water through a superior dispersant. Various additives (humectant, Defoamer, brightener, stabilizer, etc.), make the color paste maintain long-term stability, and maintain a uniform amount of coating through proper viscosity. The glued surface is unique in terms of blackness, brightness, and flatness, especially the cost is greatly reduced.



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