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Thermoplastic polyimide

Time:2020/7/13 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

Thermoplastic polyimide is a new generation of high-performance special engineering plastics. It not only retains the traditional thermosetting polyimide's high strength, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, good dielectric properties, radiation resistance and other characteristics, but also improves the processability, in addition to the use of hot molding method, it can also be used Extrusion or injection molding.

Main characteristics of thermoplastic polyimide

1. Outstanding machinability characteristics: injection molding, extrusion, hot molding, and spray molding; no small molecules are released during processing, the shrinkage rate is small, and the dimensional accuracy of the parts is high

2. Excellent comprehensive mechanical properties: high modulus, impact resistance, creep resistance, is an ideal structural functional material

3. High heat distortion temperature, good heat resistance, and good mechanical strength in a wide range of high and low temperatures

4. High insulation and excellent dielectric properties

5. Stable chemical properties, resistant to all kinds of grease, organic solvents; flame retardant, anti-aging

6. Abrasion resistance, an excellent anti-friction and anti-friction matrix material

7. Pure materials: no small molecule substances that pollute the environment during processing and use.

Thermoplastic polyimide applications

Thermoplastic polyimide can be widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronic appliances, precision machinery and other fields due to its excellent comprehensive performance. It can be made into precision parts such as plates, rods or pipes, films and structural composites, such as gears, bearings, connectors, etc. It is an ideal material for replacing metals, ceramics, low-temperature or difficult-to-process thermosetting resins in specific occasions.

At present, the advanced polymer materials with the highest temperature resistance grade on the market are thermosetting polyimides represented by VESPEL of DUPONT. However, due to the difficulty of processing and molding, the product form is mainly finished or semi-finished products, and the application is narrow. expensive. Secondly, thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) represented by MURUI's AURUM, and polyetheretherketone (PEEK) of VICTREX. Such materials can be formed by extrusion, injection and hot compression molding, which greatly improves the processability.

NGDJ—thermoplastic polyimide is the same type and grade of polymer material as AURUM of MITSUI Company, all performances reach AURUM resin index, and the molding temperature is much lower than AURUM resin; compared with PEEK and other special engineering plastics ( Such as PES, PPS) have obvious advantages in mechanical properties, thermal properties and friction and wear performance.

Our company specializes in the production of polymer composite materials such as PTFE PPS PEEK PI PEI and other wear-resistant and high-temperature self-lubricating materials.




1. 突出的可加工特性:可注塑、挤出、热模压、喷涂成型;加工时无小分子放出,收缩率小,制件尺寸精度高

2. 综合力学性能优异:高模量,耐冲击,抗蠕变,是一种理想的结构功能材料

3. 热变形温度高,耐热性好,在较宽的高低温范围内具有良好的力学强度

4. 绝缘性高,介电性能优异

5. 化学性质稳定,耐各类油脂、有机溶剂;阻燃、抗老化

6. 耐磨损,为一种出色的减摩、增磨基体材料






我公司专业生产耐磨耐高温自润滑材料  PTFE PPS PEEK PI PEI等高分子复合材料。

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