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Filled PTFE compressor, oxygen generator accessories

Time:2020/7/7 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

Technical index of the product:

Product introduction: according to the design parameters of different machines, different formulations and manufacturing processes are selected, that is, filling bronze powder, glass fiber, silicon dioxide, molybdenum dioxide, graphite, polyphenyl grease and high-strength carbon fiber and other fillers are filled in the resin to improve the mechanical strength, lubrication performance and wear resistance.

Teflon machine tool guide soft belt is based on polytetrafluoroethylene, adding bronze powder and other fillers, after modified precision processing and chemical treatment. Because PTFE has very small friction coefficient and self sliding property, the guide soft belt based on polytetrafluoroethylene is one of the important ways to improve the accuracy and service life of machine tool guide.

Advantages of using Teflon based machine tool guide soft belt:

1. It is a kind of self-lubricating composite guide rail material, which can be used in dry friction state at low speed, with low friction coefficient, good damping, shock absorption, good embeddedness, anti creeping and wear resistance.

2. It can improve the accuracy and service life of the machine tool.

3. It can reduce the processing cost and scrap loss of guide rail body (such as bed, carriage, etc.) and facilitate maintenance. At the same time, due to the decrease of the starting moment of the operating handle, the labor intensity of the operators is reduced.

4. Low cost and simple application process.






1. 是一种自润滑复合导轨材料,低速时能在干磨擦状态下使用,具有摩擦系数低,阻尼性好,消震吸音,嵌入性好,防爬、耐磨。

2. 可以提高机床精度的保持性和使用寿命。

3. 可以降低导轨本体(如床身、拖板等)的加工成本及报废损失,便于维修。同时因操作手柄启动矩的下降,减轻了操作工人的劳动强度。

4. 成本低廉,应用工艺简便。

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