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Current status and future of pipeline anticorrosion structure

Time:2020/5/8 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

   At the beginning of the 20th century, pipelines used anti-corrosion materials mainly based on petroleum asphalt. In the 1990s, the number of anticorrosion layers using polyethylene structure in the world was almost the same as epoxy powder and coal tar enamel. At the turn of the century, the three-layer PE structure and epoxy powder dominated. At present, the anti-corrosion structure of domestic long-distance pipeline construction is mainly composed of three-layer PE structure, and partly adopts epoxy powder anti-corrosion structure.

   (1) Three-layer PE structure and epoxy powder anti-corrosion layer

China's three-layer PE structure anti-corrosion layer and epoxy powder anti-corrosion layer were introduced from abroad in the 1990s and have been widely used. The so-called three-layer PE structure refers to the outer surface of the steel pipe that is heated after surface cleaning and rust removal, and is formed by epoxy powder spraying and adhesive / PE winding; the epoxy powder anti-corrosion layer refers to the outer surface of the steel pipe. After cleaning and derusting, heating is carried out, and the anticorrosive layer is formed after spraying with epoxy powder. At present, most of the domestic anti-corrosion plants are set up in steel pipe plants. After the steel pipes are manufactured, they enter the anti-corrosion plant for anti-corrosion operations. The anti-corrosion structure at the welding joint is also made of 3PE anti-corrosion structure, commonly used are 3PE heat shrinkable tape and 3PE heat shrinkable sleeve.

   (2) Internal drag reduction coating

China's internal drag reduction coating technology was developed on a large scale at the end of the 20th century. It is mainly used in the pipeline gas transportation process, which can achieve the purposes of reducing friction, increasing pipeline transportation, and reducing the overall cost of pipeline operation. The main process is to clean the inner surface of the pipeline, through the rotation of the steel pipe, spray the epoxy coating on the inner surface of the steel pipe through the high-pressure airless spray gun, so that the inner surface of the steel pipe forms a high-quality, continuous and smooth effective coating. The coating operation line in the pipeline is mainly composed of a preheating system, an internal derusting system, an internal spraying system, and a coating curing system.

    With the progress and development of long-distance pipeline technology, pipeline anti-corrosion technology is also progressing and developing, and new anti-corrosion processes and new materials are constantly being researched.








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