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Main quality control of cold shrinkable cable accessories

Time:2020/4/13 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

The quality of the cold-shrinkable cable accessories is very important, especially the medium-high voltage cold-shrinkable cable accessories. Once a problem occurs, it is prone to accidents, causing unpredictable consequences. Therefore, the quality control of cold-shrinkable cable accessories is very important. In general, we mainly want to check the following performance requirements.

1. Sealing performance. The moisture-proof performance of the seal directly affects the electrical performance and service life of the cold-shrinkable cable accessories. Is the sealing structure of the terminal reliable and stable?

2. Electrical performance. The quality of electrical performance is the primary principle for judging the quality of cable accessories. Consider the thermal properties of cable accessories, such as dielectric loss, contact resistance and stability of conductor connections, heat conduction release, thermal expansion and contraction on the electrical and mechanical properties of various components.

3. Mechanical properties. The terminal should have sufficient resistance to bending and shock. The intermediate joint should be able to withstand a certain amount of pulling force and measures to prevent damage from external forces.

4. Process performance. Process performance is an important condition for the planning and selection of cable accessories. The installation process should be as simple as possible to facilitate on-site construction and short construction period.

5. The manufacturer's quality assurance system. When prefabricated cable accessories are shipped from the factory, the manufacturer provides rubber prefabricated parts, prefabricated stress cones, porcelain sleeves, shells, impregnating agents and other parts, which are assembled into integral terminals or joints during on-site installation.

6. The control of raw materials. If the raw materials are recycled materials or secondary materials, the above performance requirements are simply not met.




2、电气性能。电气性能的好坏是评判电缆附件品质的首要原则。思考电缆附件的热性能,如介质损耗、导体连接的接触电阻及其稳定 性、热量的传导释放、热胀冷缩对各部件电性能和机械性能的影响等。





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