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Determination of glue selection for medical silicone rubber tube

Time:2019/11/5 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturers in the silicone industry often encounter such problems. What glue is used for medical silicone rubber tubes to bond well?

Silicone rubber strip extrusion molding, silicone rubber tube molding is a silicone rubber tube production technology well known to many manufacturers, and medical silicone rubber tube bonding how to choose a good glue, but many people do not understand, especially new manufacturers, in There is a particular concern when choosing glue.

Medical silicone rubber tubes are extremely demanding in terms of material selection, processing equipment, and glue. In industrial production, many seals are made of silicone and silicone rubber, and there are many places where silicone rubber strips are used, such as electronic equipment components and silicone rubber household products. Silicone rubber materials have a unique physiological inertia. Therefore, it is highly adaptable in harsh environments. Medical silicone rubber tubes and medical silicone rubber belts are relatively strict requirements for direct contact with human body, skin, blood, body fluids and the like. Such as catheters, respiratory masks, throat masks, balloons and other products.

After the medical silicone hose is produced, it will be bonded to other medical materials according to the needs of specific products, such as medical silicone hose bonding medical PVC, glass, PC, stainless steel metal and so on. Medical silicone rubber will be used.

There are three common medical silicone glues:

1. One-component translucent pastes KJ-998 and KJ-998H for silicone bonding and sealing.

2. KJ-998A and KJ-998A-1; can be firmly adhered to a single or double cavity silicone laryngeal mask.

3. Medical silica gel developing glue KJ-998BL, usually one-component blue and light blue silica gel glue, commonly used in medical silicone catheter, the main purpose: to play the role of bonding, blocking, sealing and so on.

One of the three medical silicone glues that have one thing in common is that they must pass FDA food grade certification and ISO 10993 testing (biocompatibility certification: cytotoxic biocompatibility, skin irritant biocompatibility, skin sensitizing organisms) Compatibility), which is also a method for determining the bonding of medical silicone rubber tubes.










上述三种医用硅胶胶水有一个共同之处,即它们必须要通过FDA食品级认证和ISO 10993检验(生物相容性认证:细胞毒性生物相容性,皮肤刺激生物相容性,皮肤致敏生物相容性),这也是确定医用硅橡胶管粘接胶水的一种方法。

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