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Use of heat shrinkable identification tube in repair cable

Time:2019/11/4 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

Heat-shrinkable identification tube: made of cross-linked environmentally-friendly polyolefin heat-shrinkable material, the substrate has a memory function, the surface is specially treated, and the font has permanent identification.

In the electronic whole machine assembly, in order to facilitate production, debugging, maintenance, and testing, it is often necessary to mark the end of the assembled cable, that is, to make a cable label.

There are many ways to make cable signs. There are two main methods for making cable signs:

(1) Aluminum sign: Cut into a T-shaped blank with a 0.5mm thick aluminum plate, and engrave the characters on the blank by hand-cutting machine and pre-made font. This kind of process is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and efficient, and is not suitable for mass production. Moreover, the signboard has poor vibration resistance and is easy to loose, and cannot be used on airborne and aerial electronic devices.

(2) Plastic casing sign: that is, hand-written characters on the plastic casing. The characters of this sign are neither beautiful nor clear, the sign can only be used under normal temperature conditions, and the service life is short and easy to age.

The use of the sign and the process method to make the cable sign is very convenient and flexible, can print a variety of characters, and the writing is clear and beautiful, the signboard is better than the aluminum sign and the plastic sign in the anti-vibration, anti-corrosion and anti-humidity performance.








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