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Application of heat shrinkable tube in electronic equipment

Time:2019/11/1 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

The radiation cross-linked heat-shrinkable sleeve (hereinafter referred to as heat-shrinkable tube) has the unique function of automatically reducing the diameter after being heated, and also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, excellent insulation performance and high mechanical strength, so in modern A new type of insulating encapsulation material has become an essential part in electronic equipment. Electrical connectors, probes and wire ends used in electric hot water bottles, electric coffee makers, automatic dishwashers, etc., are particularly necessary for heat-shrinkable tubes for insulation and encapsulation due to the high temperature and high humidity.

The heat-shrinkable tube is very convenient to use. As long as the heat-shrinkable tube of the appropriate length is placed on the packaged object, the heat-shrinkable tube is heated to 120 ° C or higher by a heat source such as a hair dryer or heated by a hot electric iron shell. The heat shrinkable tube will automatically shrink radially and wrap the wrapped object.

Heat shrink tubing is often used for insulation recovery at wire branch joints.

The solder joints of the branch leads should be smooth and free of burrs, so as not to be pierced by the burrs when the heat shrinkable tubes shrink, which affects the insulation effect. If the joint needs to be immersed in water, a layer of squeegee glue can be applied after the wire insulation and the heat shrinkable tube overlap. Reheat and tighten the heat shrinkable tube.

The heat-shrinkable tube encloses the end of the wire. After the end insulation of the wire is stripped, the mechanical stress at the root of the core is concentrated and easily broken. For example, in a connector with a small space, the distance between the legs is small, and the pins are easily contacted with a short circuit. In these cases, the end of the wire is wrapped with a heat-shrinkable tube to integrate the soldering piece and the wire insulation package, which disperses the mechanical stress and encapsulates the solder joint to prevent corrosion of the solder joint by harmful gases such as water vapor. The reliability of the connector work.

An example of applying a resistor or a small circuit board to a lead and encapsulating it with a heat shrinkable tube. The wire solder joint of the resistor is bent into a ring shape, which is favorable for the solder joint to be firm and smooth.

Heat shrink tubing is used for wire display. Users can print the product name, model, factory name, etc. on the self-adhesive paper according to the drawing number or cover the heat-shrinkable tube. This code method is convenient, clear and not easy to fall off.

The heat shrinkable tube can also be used for the insulation encapsulation of the coil and the probe. In short, after the electronic equipment uses the heat-shrinkable tube, the wiring of the whole machine can be neat and beautiful.

The heat shrinkable tube is marked in the A/B form, ie the tube with an inner diameter of A mm can be shrunk to a minimum of B mm.

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