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Silicone rubber tube specifications and classification

Time:2019/10/23 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

Mainly classified according to the purpose: medical silicone rubber tube (also a lot of food grade silicone rubber tube, in fact, the difference between the two), high temperature silicone rubber tube, insulating silicone rubber tube, industrial silicone rubber tube.

Classified by physical properties: transparent silicone rubber tube, translucent silicone rubber tube, colored silicone rubber tube, silicone hose, braided silicone rubber tube, etc.

The following focuses on the specifications and uses of medical silicone rubber tubes and high temperature resistant silicone rubber tubes:

1. Medical silicone rubber tube, as its name suggests, is a silicone rubber tube for medical use. Therefore, it is necessary to have a report on medical silicone rubber material in the production of medical silicone rubber tube in silicone rubber tube factory to produce medical silicone rubber tube. Medical silicone rubber tube specifications can support customization. Generally, medical grade silicone products are customized, so Ruibo rubber does not have conventional medical silicone rubber tubes.

Common medical silicone rubber tube specifications: used as medical equipment connecting tubes or catheters; baby straws / catheters; food delivery tubes, connecting tubes. In short, the general specifications of medical silicone rubber tubes are φ0.8mm~φ60 mm (can be customized.).

Second, high temperature resistant silicone rubber tube, also known as flame retardant silicone rubber tube, the effect is also high temperature fire resistance, continuous high temperature resistance up to -60 ≤ 300 degrees, of course, there are related tests, such as: high flame retardant (three seconds flameout, no Poisonous and tasteless), also through SGS and other related mechanisms.

High temperature resistant silicone rubber tube is widely used in protective sleeves for electrical and electronic equipment, flame retardant and fire-fixing effects of mechanical equipment, etc. Its performance is similar to that of Ruibo's flame retardant silane plate (over 94V0), and there are also some flame retardant foam silicone rubber. The same is true for the same situation.

High temperature resistant silicone rubber tube specifications: inner diameter is between φ1.0mm~15.0mm, outer diameter is between φ2.0mm~16.00mm, thickness is 0.5mm.






常用医用硅橡胶管规格:用作医疗设备连接管或导管;婴儿吸管/导管;食品输送管、连接管。总之,医用硅橡胶管的通用规格为φ0.8mm~φ60 mm(可定制。)。




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