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What is the factor of heat shrinkage time of heat shrinkable sleeve?

Time:2019/9/25 posted:

What are the factors related to the heat shrinkage time of the heat shrinkable sleeve?

The first point we think of should be the heating tool. The boiling time and the hot air gun obviously use the heat gun heat shrinkable tube to heat the shrinking time faster, so choosing the appropriate heat shrinkable tube heating tool is the heat shrinkable tube heat shrinking time. One of the important reasons is that heat-shrinkable tube heating tools or common heating methods include lighters, flame guns, ovens, boiled water, hot air guns, etc.

Secondly, it depends on the size of the heat-shrinkable tube. The size of the heat-shrinkable tube includes the thickness of the heat-shrinkable tube, the size of the heat-shrinkable tube, and the length of the heat-shrinkable tube. Obviously, the smaller the heat-shrinkable tube, the faster the shrinkage;

 Then the important factor affecting the heat shrinkage time of the heat shrinkable sleeve is the material itself composed of the heat shrinkable tube. Compared with PVDF and PTFE heat-shrinkable tubes, the heat-shrinkable tubes made of PVC and PE have a shorter heat shrinkage time under the same shrinkage mode. For heat-shrink tubing that requires two or three hundred temperatures to shrink, the shrinkage time is relatively slow.

In the case where the heat shrinkable sleeve size and the heating tool are the same, the heat shrinkage time of the heat shrinkable tube is affected by the heating method and the heat shrinking technique.







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