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How to choose PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve?

Time:2019/9/9 posted:Kehong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

The heat shrinkable sleeve is divided into PVC heat shrinkable sleeve, PE heat shrinkable sleeve, PTFE heat shrinkable sleeve, PVDF heat shrinkable sleeve, EPDM heat shrinkable sleeve, etc. according to the material, wherein PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve The indicators of the tube are close. Today we will analyze which PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve are better.

How to choose PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve? First compare from the material itself:

In the name, PVC is polyvinyl chloride, PE is polyethylene; in terms of price, PVC is cheap, PE is expensive; performance is not heat resistant (some people have changed the molecular structure of PE, ie PEX and PERT, can withstand high temperature); In application, PVC is more widely used, and it has a relationship with PVC. The application of PE is far less extensive. In terms of hygienic performance, PVC will release chlorine gas when heated, and it will reflect the water in the air to produce hydrogen chloride. Gas, which is toxic to human body, and PE contains only two elements of hydrocarbon, which is hygienic and non-toxic.

How to choose PE heat shrinkable sleeve and PVC heat shrinkable sleeve? Comparison from the finished product:

PE heat shrink tubing is made of a special polyolefin material, also known as EVA. PE heat shrinkable sleeve performance: low temperature shrinkage, soft flame retardant, insulation and corrosion resistance. Widely used in various wire harnesses, solder joints, inductance insulation protection, sealing anti-corrosion, metal pipe, rod rust, corrosion and so on. The voltage level is 600V. Product temperature resistance from 105 ° C to 135 ° C is common, RoHS compliant, flame retardant, polymer materials to go through the glass state - high elastic state with temperature from low to high, the performance of the glass state is close to plastic, high elastic state performance Close to rubber. The material used for the PE heat shrinkable sleeve is glassy at room temperature and becomes highly elastic after heating.

The PVC heat shrinkable sleeve has a special function of heat shrinkage, and can be shrunk when heated above 98 °C, and is convenient to use. The products are divided into two series of 85 °C and 105 °C according to temperature resistance, and the products comply with the EU RoHS environmental protection directive. Used in electrolytic capacitors and inductors, the product has good high temperature resistance and no secondary shrinkage, which can be printed on its behalf. It is used for the monomer, combination packaging of various rechargeable batteries, and is designed, printed, and cut for customers. It is used for outer covering of various curtain rods, shower curtain rods, hanging rods, mop rods, broom handles, tool rods, telescopic rods, garden tools, struts and other tubular articles. It can also be used for the identification of copper busbars, joints and wiring harnesses of low-voltage indoor busbars, and insulation coating. High efficiency, low equipment investment, and low overall cost. It is used for lighting, LED pin wrapping, and packaging of the bottle mouth. It is a new generation of packaging materials. Whether it is civilian, car or military.

Therefore, in general, PE heat-shrinkable sleeves are better in terms of temperature resistance and environmental protection. PVC thermoplastic tubes are used more widely, and the price is lower than that of PE heat-shrinkable sleeves. The main applications and application fields are gradually different. Relative to the PE heat shrinkable sleeve is better, but the specific problem analysis, heat shrinkable sleeve, regardless of which material is used in different fields depends on the actual occasion, its quality can not be the same.







PVC热缩套管具有遇热收缩的特殊功能,加热98℃以上即可收缩,使用方便。产品按耐温分为85℃和105℃两大系列,产品符合欧盟RoHS环保指令。用于电解电容器、电感,产品耐高温性能好、无二次收缩,可代为印刷。   用于各种充电电池的单体、组合包装,并代为设计、印刷图样,并可代客裁切。   用于各种窗帘杆、浴帘杆、挂杆、拖把杆、扫帚柄、工具杆、伸缩杆、园林工具、撑杆等管状物品的外包覆。并可用于低压室内母线铜排、接头、线束的标识、绝缘外包覆。效率高、设备投资少、综合成本小。用于灯饰、LED引脚的包覆,包装瓶口的包裹,是新一代的包装材料。无论是民用、车用还是军用。


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