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Application of Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement System in Power System

Time:2019/8/13 posted:

what is distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system? Distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system is the ability to multi-point, distributed measurement online, real-time online monitoring equipment operation can be achieved very effectively solve the long-standing high temperatures occur in the field, combustion, explosion accidents, fires and other emergency is not prepared problem. The system requires a lot of heat shrink tubing and insulation materials, KEHONG Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of insulation products, can enter each category product page view.

Application of optical fiber distributed temperature system in a power system is divided into three:

a temperature monitoring in power system of the power cable, greatly reducing the cost of transmission and distribution, may be determined according to load change in temperature of the cable of the cable, do to a reasonable load is arranged, to increase the capacity of existing cables, to extend the working time of the cable; cable can be found during the operation of the external damage as soon as possible.

Second, the temperature monitoring of substation temperature monitoring can be achieved on the master device, easy to heat parts of the switch cabinet to monitor in real time, before evolving into the accident, early detection and take measures.

Third, the temperature monitoring of high voltage electrical installations: improved the accuracy of the measurement, and can quickly find the temperature at the point of failure temperature profile.

Summary: The system has been widely recognized at home and abroad and the power system, to further improve the stability and reliability of the system will make its application prospects in the power system is more broad.








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